Friday, 13 February 2015

Romancing greens this valentine

 The trick used here is putting up leaves of various shapes together in one space.....and all that in a background of pink adds more drama to the green collection.

For successful indoor garden a space with at least 5 hours of sunlight exposure should be selected,...this ensures sustainability for a variety of plants
This homemaker thinks out of the box.....instead of making center piece with candles or flowers , she quite innovatively uses thorned cacti and succulents as center table decoration....she generates a conversation starter for the lunch
old dry wood has one of the most intriguing textures, nature has to offer. combine that with those little pearly leaves.....and magic begins to weave
what i loved about this homemaker is her inventiveness with the mundane,......she even uses sprouting greens of onions in her tiny indoor garden

what is the use of bounties of nature if we cannot bring their beauties into our lives....

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