Saturday, 7 March 2015


I am a little apprehensive about circumferences. As a woman one has to deal with them more frequently than a mathematician does. In fact  if you happen to be a female you are born with it.  One often runs the danger of crossing one circumference or the other. Who knows I might be tripping over one or the other of these sacred lines  in this simple act of writing. The more bold and beautiful ones often cross theirs by maybe showing a bit of skin here and there, the other not so beautiful ones might accidentally trip this line while talking a little loud to their husbands. There are also some so callous and blithe , that they pick up their pens and pencils, brushes and cameras set out intentionally to break free from circumferences.  However if you have already started admiring them as little joan of arcs let me tell you they all pay for this audacity. There are swarms of men keeping a day night vigil on this circumference. So when next time you travel alone in a public bus wearing a tight fitted dress , dont for a second be tricked into thinking that they are staring at your curves.....well, they are all, just all the time staring at your circumference. Recently a three year old nursery going toddler somewhere did something to cross her circumference and she paid.If you ever meet her do ask her what she did..and preach and teach your daughters not to do this ever.....not all circumferences are of the same size...some are big enough to  let the woman hop and skip within it. Others are are so strained and constricted , one struggles to breathe within it. But have no doubt about it a womans world they are omnipresent. I was and have been lucky...I had a big circumference...I thank my stars, not only could I breathe comfortably ,I could also jump, laugh and do a little jazz within it. TO dream of flying.???..well, that is taking things to a completely new know what I mean.
last night I had a dream. All around there was this sound of chisel and hammer...thak thak, thank thank....they were all drilling small holes in their circumferences. Hitting hard with courage and fearlessness . And chips of the age old cement was falling off bit by bit. It was a momentous that can never fade away. Another memory which will never fade away is of my Nani relishing mustard laced rohu fish with so much delight.....she is over eighty, a mother of four illustrious son and a dotting daughter.....always had loved fish a mother to so many kids she was almost always left with the head piece {just the" mundi" as she calls it} or sometimes only the gravy to do with. as she grew old her husband gave up non vegetarian in effort to come closer to God. this meant an unsaid moratorium on her fish eating habits too.  But her love for rohu  never waned. A few months ago  in a secret corner i coaxed her into this transgression and oh! the mischief in her eyes was so reassuring. She had made ruptured her circumference and probably that was the first time she did this...
so, got up in the morning pulled myself up.....and brought back these two lovely pencils from the market and started scribbling some blasphemous thoughts on my journal.....I had my chisel and hammer in hand...and i have already started making dents in my circumference. GO lady, pick up whatever you want......pens, pencils,ladles,brushes,backpacks,shoes,camera........even a bright red lipstick is not a bad idea......START breaking your circumference the way you want.....Take the flight of your dreams.

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  1. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.