Sunday, 15 March 2015


This temple here is miles away from all human midst of a vast uninhabited soho grasslands.......Hardly anyone comes here. Yet the gods sit here in full serenity, waiting for no-one to come. Sitting with my legs dipped in cool, gurgling cascade of water near this temple I felt my gods near me...very close indeed..  I  have not felt so very often....and definitely not in temples and mosques...but this one was different,THE architecture was almost reiterating my belief that god is to be found in nature , in art, in water , in sky, in land . My god can never be tied within four walls. My god is way too powerful for that....My god is not over and above me..he/she is within me. My god is not a supervising force punishing and rewarding me. HE/ she is a form of shakti  within which helps me decide between wrong and right, which makes me tolerant towards other beings and their varied opinions, which makes me loathe all forms hatred. My god does not want my god rather just wants me to be as I was meant to be - A human.  { PHOTOGRAPHS BY ASHUTOSH KUMAR}

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