Tuesday, 14 April 2015


RECENTLY I HAVE BEEN BITTEN BY THE SUCCULENT BUG.....these little beauties are so versatile yet so unbelievably low maintenance . Succulents are basically desert plants which have adapted themselves to low water availability conditions. So here are some tit bits about succulents and their wonderful world
1) although succulents are desert plants, the most rich collection of succulents are owned by nurseries in the hill stations.... NOw is'nt that interesting.....These plants can thrive well in almost all types of climates provided the the water intake is regulated.

2)succulents can grow amazingly well both indoors and outdoors....making it a wonderful option for our urban spaces where outdoor gardening is a far fetched dream. If planted indoors , succulents need to be kept in a space with at least four to five hours of sunlight

3) succulents grow best in a soil less mixture of coacpeat, sand, vermicompost all in equal ratio.

4)I water my succlents from sunday to sunday.....water is a critical issue with succulents...over watering can kill them...never leave them out in rain

5) You can even plant them in beautiful containers which dont have hole in them.....only be careful about watering.

6) I am a fauji wife.and a passionate gardener as well.... My gardens keep shifting owing to my husbands frequent postings......so for me succulents, which thrive without water for days during shifting period work like magic

happy gardening.....


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