Saturday, 21 February 2015

Raat hai ya baraat phulon ki........

Lots of professional commitments kept my husband busy today. So, me and my son left home early,  packed with our camera, some eatables and less than satisfactory amount of cash :).....After a long session of brainstorming in the auto, we decided we shall go and hangout in the local connoor bazaar.
Branded outlets and malls seemed too monotonous an option. THE bazaar had the potential to throw before us something totally unexpected........Moving through the narrow lanes already brimming with overwhelming presence of all pervasive  human figures, we managed to find something which evokes beautiful sentiments in my soul......

Adornment of gods, desire of  the lovelorn, decking up married damsels of chennai, gift for the secret paramour in those notorious lanes of Lucknow....SO many meanings and so many colours...sometimes it baffles me!

RAJNI GANDHA phool tumhare,,,, mahake yunhin jeevan mein ,  yuhin mehake preet piya ki tere pyare upvan mein"

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