Thursday, 19 February 2015

Mughal Garden series wall art......1

If  there exists anything called  " nirvana' than for me it lies in the engrossing act of picking up my brush swooshing it left, right and centre....spreading out colours of life....
Started working on a new series . It's called MUGHAL GARDEN . simply because most of its themes and patterns belong to the era of mughals..
what is special that these paintings are not done on canvas or paper ...rather i've made them on wooden trays.
so , if your lonely pillars are craving for some dose of aesthetics...why don't you try making one...or even better- {buy one from me :)}

step one-   get a wooden tray made by your local can also use thin ply as it is less         expensive.
step two- paint it with a darker shade of green { acrylic}

step three- after it dries paint with a lighter shade of green+ blue

step four- rub the second cot with a sand paper softly once the second coat dries

step five- tray is now ready for the floral illustration and painting

step six- after the lotus pattern is painted, keep the tray aside and draw the maharaja on a sheet of hand made paper, paint it with a combination of watercolor and acrylic paints.

step seven- cut out the maharaja neatly and stick properly on the tray

step eight- colour the edges of the maharaja with dark shade of green , to give it more realistic look

step nine- after all is dry, coat it all with varnish or a coat of {fevicol+ water}, let that dry( this can be avoided if you are nt very confidant about it}

and yeppieee! the wall art is done...stay hooked for more tutorials and some lovely art


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